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Tata Water Plus

Tata Water Plus

Tata Water Plus is India’s first nutrient water. Developed in collaboration with international scientists and Indian nutrition experts, Tata Water Plus represents the larger mission of NourishCo Beverages — to mitigate nutritional gaps in the average Indian consumer. NourishCo, our joint venture with PepsiCo India, seeks to deliver ‘Healthy Beverages for a Healthier India’ and intends to enhance the hydration category in the country.

An original and innovative concept in the area of health and nutrition, Tata Water Plus contains nutrients, such as copper which helps support body functions, and zinc with highlighted copy which helps strengthen the immune system. While it looks and tastes like normal water, every sip of Tata Water Plus is packed with copper and zinc in a form that can be easily absorbed by the body. Tata Water Plus is available in 1 litre bottles and 200 ml pouches. A litre of this wonder drink meets 40% RDA for copper and 30% for zinc.

Every sip of Tata Water Plus translates to healthy hydration!

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